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Are we exploiting our weakest link?

Recently, while coaching a senior professional on emotions management she talked about how guilty she feels when she beats her son up. She said, “Mitu, by the time I reach home, I am very exhausted. That’s when he starts demanding my attention and annoys me so badly that I end …

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Tata-Mistry Saga

A case of strategic communication moving towards crisis communication It takes years to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it. No better thought applies more aptly to the ongoing Tata Group and Mr. Cyrus Mistry saga. The brand Tata stands for “TRUST”. Having lived in Tatanagar I know that …

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Maggi Crisis – Goes beyond numbers

Sales may climb back but reputation will remain scarred Rs 320 crore loss or 10,000 trucks required destroying 27,000 tonnes of noodles – these are staggering figures people are talking about but is Maggi crisis simply a business loss to Nestle? The answer is clearly NO. What comes to our mind …

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